Monday, 17 February 2014


Our second culinary adventure of the day.  We wanted to get some sushi at Aja Sushi but the place was closed on Family Day.  So we walked a few doors down to try the Korean place instead.  Located in the Vista Landing strip mall across from T&T Supermarket in Marlborough, this deceptive looking hole-in-the-wall actually produce some good food.

When we got to the restaurant, before 6pm, it looked like all the booths were taken.  We were sat on the section on the opposite wall of the booths.  The server was attentive and came and gave us hot tea right away.  However, as the evening progress, the restaurant got busier, and it was hard to wave down a server for our bill at the end of our meal.  Of course we understand as there were only three servers and one of them was a cashier as well.  At least we and everyone around us got our food quickly.

The restaurant had a lot of different items on their menu and also had two options for all-you-can-eat BBQ.  The price didn't seem too bad for the all-you-can-eat.  There was a $19.99 per person menu and a $24.99 per person menu with unlimited rice and only one can of pop per person.  They also had some delicious looking hotpot as well.  Since we are two girls, and don't really eat that much for hotpot and all-you-can-eat, we decided to order a dish for ourselves.  My friend ordered Duck Gae Jang (hot and spicy duck and vegetable stew), and I had Ttukbaegi Bulgogi (sliced sirloin beef and vegetables soup in a hotpot).

Ttuckbaegi Bulgogi (beef and vegetable hot pot soup)

Ttuckbaegi Bulgogi: $10.99

This hot pot soup was full of sliced sirloin beef and glass noodles.  There was only a few slices of carrots and mushrooms and scallions on top.  The soup was very hot, and so if you have the Korean metal chopsticks and spoon, you have to wait until this cool a bit or risk some tongue burns. The broth was very flavourful and this dish by itself was a good full meal. Also, with this meal we were served rice (mix of short grain and red) and some banchan.  I ate this as my soup cooled.

5 Banchan - side dishes

Banchan (side dishes): Free

Along with a bowl of rice each, we also had 5 side dishes that came with our meal.  First, there is the kimchi.  It was sour and spicy.  It was good but I'm not good at handling spicy.  Secondly, the bean sprout was nicely prepared.  Its a pretty standard dish, and I was glad they didn't overpower it with sesame oil.  Next, the salad was good with a mix of cabbage and lettuce.  It had a nice vinegar-soy sauce dressing. Fourth, there was the pickled daikon that had a slight crisp texture and was a little on the sweet side.  Lastly, the crispy, honey-drenched potatoes that probably most of us are familiar with.  All the sides was very well done and good accompaniment of textures.

Duck Gae Jang (Hot and Spicy Duck and Vegetable Stew)

Duck Gae Jang: $10.99

My friend ordered this yummy stew.  I didn't have a taste because I can't handle spicy stuff well.  There was a lot of duck but you have to be careful as there are bones in it.  It looked like she got the drumstick and thigh part of the duck according to the bones she fished out.  Again, there wasn't a lot of vegetables in it but there was some glass noodle present.

Overall, this place is a good place to go if you want to experience Korean food at a reasonable price.  There are hot pots and all-you-can-eat to try.  I know I will be back with people who can eat.  However, if the place gets busy, be prepare to wait and be warned that service won't be stellar.   

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant
#132 90 - 36 St NE 
CalgaryAB T2A7E6

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